Located in Guanlan Subdistrict of Longhua District, Shenzhen, Guanlan Culture Town is one of the areas in Shenzhen that best represent Hakka culture. It is home to four city-level scenic and historical sites: the Guanlan Ancient Market, New Who Village, Dashuitian Ancient Village and Edixia Village. It also hosts the printmaking base, the rosewood cultural industry and the Guanlan Lake Art Workshop, among other Hakka traditions. It offers visitors a plethora of intangible cultural relics such as the kylin dance and Hakka folk music performances. It is a place where the historical and cultural heritage blends with contemporary art, domestic with international cultures, and traditional culture with modern industries, offering visitors unique, enchanting cultural experiences.


Guanlan Culture Town has been listed among the second batch of culture towns for the Guangdong Special Town Cultivation Incubation. The Guanlan Culture Town Construction and Management Center is committed to maintaining the highest standards in the planning, construction and management of the culture town. The center will supervise the implementation of the urban planning and design of the culture town, while building a public service platform, and coordinating the organic renewal of the Guanlan Ancient Market, in a bid to create a neighborhood with unique characteristics amid the cluster of cultural industries. The center aims to create a “culture plus” development model that features the all-round integration of culture and tourism industries as it builds a culture town with international influence.



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