Introduction to 2019 Mini Marathon Shenzhen Longhua

The 2019 Mini Marathon Shenzhen Longhua, which is one of the signature sports events of the district, was held in the morning of Dec.8 at Guanghu Shiji Plaza in Longhua District

A total of 4,000 runners participated in the marathon, with 3,200 of them running along the track of the Longhua tram to finish their 20-kilometer race. Another 800 contestant, mostly parents with children, joined in a 5-kilometer family running event.

  • Elkana Kiptootena
    Elkana Kiptootena
    Champion of the man's group
    It's actually my second time running in China. I think the track and the weather are good, and my performance today is good, too. I've done on last Sunday the Chong Qing Half Marathon. I didn't take the first place. In Longhua I took the first place.
  • Song Xuan
    Song Xuan
    Champion of the woman's group
    The track is good. Passengers cheered for us from the tram, making the Longhua Mini Marathon unique. I think it’s interesting.
  • Wei Guojun
    Wei Guojun
    We are fascinated by the hospitality of residence in Guanlan. The subdistrict office organized lion dances, band performances and cheerleaders to cheer for us. Also, the trams and beautiful sceneries along the route of the mini marathon are evidences of the great development Longhua District has gain over the years.
  • Yan Jiangxia
    Yan Jiangxia
    I haven't been to Shenzhen for years. The city has seen great development and changes. It's also my first time seeing a tram. I would like to take a closer look at the tram later, and if time available, take a ride on it. It will be part of my memories with Shenzhen, with Longhua District, and with the Longhua trams.
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