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Students in touch with nature at Guanlan Lake

Source:Shenzhen Daily Release time:2019-01-30 [font:largemediumsmall ]

More than 20 students from Tangxia Town, Dongguan toured Guanlan Lake, a 5-A picturesque tourist spot, together with their families recently. The tourist spot has been chosen as one of the practical education bases for primary and secondary school students in Guangdong Province.

Students tour Guanlan Lake and take social and practical lessons. SD-Agencies

After covering a roadmap featuring the golf campus, the ecology museum, the 3-D gallery, the botanical garden and the zoo in the morning, the students experienced plant frottage and played mini golf in the afternoon. In addition to the practical education base, the tourist spot was also chosen as one of the governing units of the practical education committee of primary and secondary schools by the Guangdong Society of Education.

According to a report released by the society, primary and secondary schools at each administrative level in Guangdong Province are required to set up 10-15 practical education bases by the year 2020.

Backed by Dapinzhang Park, which has forest coverage exceeding 96 percent, Guanlan Lake is a 5-A tourist spot home to 1,000 species of animals and plants, some of which are under the second-class national protection.

Drawing upon its supporting facilities such as the handicraft workshop, the ecological sports park, the MH Mall and the golf campus, about 3,000 students from the Pearl River Delta have taken social and practical lessons at the tourist spot.