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New payment options available for Metro

Source:Shenzhen Daily Release time:2019-03-08 [font:largemediumsmall ]

Holders of UnionPay bankcards with a Quick Pass chip or national transport cards will be able to use the cards to pay for Metro rides starting Friday, following the launch of the near-field communication (NFC) technology in the city’s Metro network.

Residents pay with UnionPay cards at Futian Metro Station on Friday. Sun Yuchen

The introduction of the service for the two types of cards adds two more options to the present variety of payment methods.

Metro rides can also be purchased at turnstiles using a mobile phone that is tied to a UnionPay bankcard, even when there is no Internet connection in the station. The payment system supports Huawei Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Mi Pay.

“Card users will need to enable the pin-free payment function for small-amount transactions before taking Metro trains and ensure there is at least 14 yuan (US$2) in their account,” said Chen Qi, general manager with Shenzhen Metro Operation Headquarters.

After scanning the card at the turnstile, the card-issuing bank will freeze 14 yuan, the maximum fare for a single trip, and deduct the fare, according to the actual cost, when the card holder exits the destination station.

The national transport card, China T-Union, can be used for Metro services in different cities. Passengers with China T-Union cards issued in other cities will be able to use them for the Shenzhen Metro service.

Shenzhen Metro ensures there are at least four turnstiles (two entrances and two exits) that accept UnionPay bankcards and China T-Union cards at each station. Some stations with heavy passenger flows, such as Chegongmiao, Laojie and Shenzhen Bay Park, will have at least eight such turnstiles (four for entry and four for exit).

All turnstiles at Shenzhen North Metro Station on Line 4 support the two payment methods, but riders who pay with either card won’t be able to gain access to the business carriages on Line 11 or the Longhua trams. The use of the two cards can’t be mixed with other payment methods. Before the end of this year, all stations will support payment by the two types of cards.

Shenzhen Metro network handled 5.12 million passengers a day in 2018.