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Work on park in Longhua under way

Source:Shenzhen Daily Release time:2019-03-14 [font:largemediumsmall ]

Work on Shenzhen North Railway Station Central Park, which will be put into use before the end of the year, is ongoing.

The 170,000-square-meter park, which is the size of 24 standard soccer pitches, is located southwest of Shenzhen North Railway Station, bordering several large neighborhoods to the south, business development to the north, a hill to the west and Shenzhen North Railway Station to the east.

According to the Shenzhen urban administration, the park will be divided into four areas, namely an image exhibition area, activity area, sports area and natural forest area.

The image exhibition area, in the east of the park, will preserve the original terrain and have a terraced waterfall based on the terrace between the entrance square and the hills.

The activity area, located in the south of the park, will have a sea of flowers cultivated for sightseeing. The sports area in the northwest will be occupied by a lawn surrounded with sporting facilities. The natural forest area in the middle of the park will be connected with the rest of the park through hiking trails. The central area will be linked with the main entrance by an elevated plank road. The peak of the park will be equipped with facilities such as reading rooms and sightseeing structures.

Besides the area’s native vegetation, more plants and trees will be cultivated to enhance the landscape, sightseeing and overall layout.