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Motorized tricycles restricted on city streets

Source:Shenzhen Daily Release time:2019-04-02 [font:largemediumsmall ]

Unregistered motorized tricycles are not allowed on roads, while tricycles registered for courier and delivery businesses are restricted from entering four districts and some major roads in the city, according to a new tricycle management rule that took effect yesterday.

The rule will expire on April 1, 2021, when all motorized tricycles used for courier and delivery businesses and urban sanitation services will be forbidden citywide, according to the local traffic police.

The restricted areas include Futian, Luohu, Nanshan and Yantian. Some major roads in Longgang, Bao’an, Longhua, Guangming, Pingshan and Dapeng, such as 107 National Highway, Bao’an Boulevard, Longgang Boulevard and Longxiang Boulevard, will also ban tricycles from entering, according to traffic police.

According to the rule, the city will impose a quota management rule on motorized tricycles by offering 10,000 quotas to courier and delivery businesses and 2,000 extra quotas to the environment sanitation department.

During the two-year transition period, the city will work with some new-energy automobile companies to design and manufacture motorized tricycles that meet the requirements for courier and delivery business and urban sanitation work.

The vehicles will be given to the businesses to replace their original tricycles that have aroused safety concerns. The city will give subsidies and offer parking convenience these tricycle users.

The city will apply the rules for motorcycles to the management of tricycles. The drivers must have acquired a D-type driver’s license and wear certified helmets all the time when driving the tricycles.

At most, three drivers can be registered under one tricycle and each driver can be registered under a maximum of two tricycles.

Tricycles that are not registered with will be banned by police from roads in the city.

Tricycles are allowed to travel in separate non-motorized vehicle lanes. If a user uses a tricycle on a road, or a sidewalk shared by pedestrians, the user shall occupy the right-hand lane.

Police, the urban administration and postal service administration will evaluate and rank the courier and delivery companies quarterly.

Enterprises ranked at the bottom will be punished with a one-to-three-week suspension of their tricycles. The executives of the companies will have to attend trainings during the suspension periods.

The evaluation results will be used as a reference, which will be used for the concerned enterprises in applying for subsidies from governments to phrase out their used tricycles.