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Volleyball stars in touch with SFLS students

Source:Shenzhen Daily Release time:2019-04-03 [font:largemediumsmall ]

The vigor and passion of sportsmanship were demonstrated to students of the Shenzhen Foreign Languages School (SFLS) Longhua high school campus on March 22 through a special physical education class taught by Zhang Lei and Bian Yuqian, two Chinese Volleyball League players from the Shanghai Guangming Ubest Team.

The first session of the event included demonstrations of basic volleyball skills. Twenty students, who were divided into two groups and led respectively by Zhang and Bian, learned passing and digging skills and then were asked to make round passes to their partners. A Q&A session on how to play professional volleyball and how the Shanghai Team envisage their current season facilitated a close dialogue between the players and students.

Through getting in touch with star volleyball players from a professional team, students were more willing to pass on the great sportsmanship and team spirit they had observed from Shanghai Guangming Ubest Team.

It was the second year for the event to be held in Longhua District. Last year, Hui Ruoqi, former captain of China women's national volleyball team and the gold medalist of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, visited SFLS’s Yantian campus. This event vividly displayed the schools determination in promoting physical education as a major part of the curriculum for its students.