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Shenzhen Talent Day Longhua Subvenue

Source: Shenzhen Daily Release time:2020-11-11 [font:largemediumsmall ]

The date Nov. 1 marked the fourth Shenzhen Talent Day. A collection of talent-related activties were held across Longhua District on Noc. 2, which was as one of the important subvenues of the Talent Day, including the opening ceremonies of a international talent service station located at the west square of Shenzhen North Railway Station and a wood block printing exhibition hall presenting portraits of high-level talents in Longhua District located near the Talent Greenway at Shenzhen North Railway Station Central Park, the launching ceremony of 10 innovative construction projects, a signing ceremony on the construction of a demonstration area of future city, and an awards ceremony paying tribute to talents who have made great contributions to the development of the district. Household cultural and sports figures, including reowned cross-talk actor Jiang Kun and the former member of China's men's basketball team Bateer, were also invited to celebrate the Talent Day.


Longhua District Mayor Wang Wei delivers a speech on Nov. 2.


Simon Lambert (R), a faculty member with Merchiston International School, receives his foreigner's work permit at the newly opened international talent service station at Shenzhen North Railway Station in Minzhi Subdistrict.





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