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Delicacies in Longhua

Source: Longhua Government Online Release time:2023-09-07 [font:largemediumsmall ]

1. Hakka noodles and sanjidi soup 客家腌面与三及第汤

Hakka noodles is often served with the “sanjidi” soup, which is also a traditional Hakka soup cuisine made from boxthorn leaves and sliced pig liver and intestines.


2. Steamed sunfish 清蒸太阳鱼

Sunfish is fresh water fish species from the Centrarchidae family and a popular ingredient for making steamed fish among the Cantonese households. Although the steamed sunfish looks ordinary by its appearance, its good taste stuns the gourmets and makes it one of the most popular dishes in Longhua District.


3.Fish soup served with American ginseng and wolf berries 花旗参枸杞生鱼汤

The sweet and fresh fish soup is often served with pork tendons. 


4. Roast goose 柴火烧鹅

The roast goose is a traditional Cantonese cuisine and a must-eat dish in Longhua. 


5.Hakka stuffed tofu 客家酿豆腐

The tender texture and rich sauce make the steamed tofu a delicacy.


6. Hakka sweet pastry 客家甜粄

Hakka families often make steamed sweet pastry for the Chinese New Year.


7. Artemisia argyi pastry 艾叶粄

Artemisia argi pastries are not only made as offerings for the ancestors by Hakka people on the Tomb Sweeping Day, but are also delicious traditional snacks. 


8. Braised pork with preserved vegetables 梅菜扣肉

Braised pork with preserved vegetables is a traditional Cantonese cuisine with thick sauce, tender texture and mellow taste.


9. Fortune pastry 发粄

Made from fermented rice, the fortune pastry has sweet taste and elastic texture and is the omens of well-being in the eyes of Hakka people.


10. Hakka salt chicken 客家盐焗鸡

The salt chicken is known for its golden colour, special cooking methods and savory taste. 


11.Hakka fried snacks 油角、蛋散和糖环

The fried snacks are traditional Hakka-style cuisines and must-eat dishes in Longhua.


12.Stuffed bitter gourd 酿苦瓜

The stuffed bitter gourd is slightly bitter in taste and silky in texture. It has abundant nutritions and is good for health on sizzling days.


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