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Longhua District was Awareded the Outstanding Award for the First in the 2017 annual Industrial Transformation and Upgrading Assessment

Source:Longhua District Release time:2018-08-01 [font:largemediumsmall ]

  Recently, the Shenzhen Industrial Transformation and Promotion Leading Group released the assessment of industrial transformation and upgrading of various districts (new districts) in 2017. Longhua District ranked the first with the best score of 98.71 points in history, and won the only outstanding award, which was presented in the city.

  The Shenzhen Municipal Office of Industrial Transformation and Upgrading Leading Group has formulated assessment and evaluation methods to carry out assessment work. The self-evaluation and comprehensive evaluation methods are used to evaluate the completion of the objectives and tasks of the industrial transformation and upgrading of ten districts (new districts). The assessment indicators involve organizational leadership and structure. The six major categories of adjustment, innovation, capital investment, space carrier, and transformation effect are quite professional, scientific and authoritative.

  Longhua District has achieved remarkable results in 22 assessments due to its significant improvement in economic strength, continuous improvement in innovation capability and continuous development. It has fully reflected the fruitful results of industrial transformation and upgrading in the region. Industrial transformation and upgrading has become an important starting point for Longhua District to promote high-quality economic development, build a modern industrial system, and consolidate the regional development.

  The beginning of the year is a good start: the industrial transformation and upgrading will help the economy to stabilize and achieve long-term stability.

  2017 is the year of the opening of the administrative district of Longhua District. It can get the only outstanding award. The opening year is the beginning of the year. It is inseparable from the strong leadership of the district committee and district government, and it is inseparable from the thousands of enterprise entities in the region.

  The evaluation of “Outstanding Award” is not easy. Longhua District has completed 22 indicators and present outstanding results. In particular, in the assessment of the index of the proportion of land used for industrial use in the land reserve (not less than 30%), only Longgang District, Longhua District and Dapeng New District completed the task.

  According to the relevant person in charge of Longhua District Economic Promotion Bureau, Longhua District has incorporated the industrial transformation and upgrading work into the annual work plan of the previous year. With the joint efforts of the whole region, the economic strength of Longhua District has been significantly improved. Last year, the regional GDP was 213.016 billion yuan; the added value of above-scale industrial enterprises exceeded 11 billion yuan. The added value of advanced manufacturing industry accounted for 40% of GDP, and the added value of financial industry exceeded 10 billion yuan. A number of economic indicators have reached the best level in the past five years.

  In addition, Longhua District completed industrial investment of 13.871 billion yuan last year; completed technical transformation investment of 6.92 billion yuan. A total of 900 million yuan of various types of industrial support funds were issued, and selection methods for key industrial projects were issued to complete the transfer of two industrial land. A total of 138 new projects have been introduced. 4 new listed companies, 6 newly-recognized headquarters enterprises, and a number of major projects such as Yinxing Intelligent Phase II have been completed and put into operation.

  Aiming for high-speed and high-quality growth: innovation drives huge manufacturing regions to transform into advanced manufacturing regions

  The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party pointed out that China’s economy has shifted from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage. In recent years, Longhua District has implemented a new development concept with industrial transformation and upgrading, with the improvement of the business environment as a breakthrough, and the supply-side structural reform as the main line. While stabilizing growth, it has also grasped the structure and promoted the transformation of huge manufacturing regions into advanced manufacturing regions. It will develop from Longhua manufacturing to Longhua transformation to Longhua speed to Longhua quality.

  Longhua District continued to promote the work of cleaning up and eliminating low-end enterprises, freeing up industrial space and providing space protection for Longhua District to attract innovative resources. In 2017, Longhua District cleaned up 180 enterprises, and the actual number of completion was 235, and cleaned up 3,318 enterprises that were unlicensed and unprotected, obtaining serious safety hazards and high pollution with high energy consumption.

  Relying on the innovation-driven development strategy, Longhua District has comprehensively built the main area of industrial innovation. Adhering to innovation, entrepreneurship, venture capital, and maker's “four creations linkage”, Longhua's innovation capability continued to improve last year, adding 560 national high-tech enterprises to 1,748, with the largest increase and the total number in the city. By the end of 2017, Longhua District had 2 provincial-level new R&D institutions, 4 provincial-level innovation platforms (1 national enterprise technology center, and 3 provincial engineering centers).

  Moving One Step Forwardr: pragmatic measures to create a more competitive business environment

  It is reported that this year, Longhua will implement the strong economic action and industrial transformation and upgrading projects of the real economy; accelerate the expansion of modern service industry; enhance the financial services entity's economic capabilities; promote the high-end development of characteristic industries; and arrange government investment of 9.4 billion yuan. We will strive to complete a major project investment of 18.3 billion yuan and incite more than 70 billion yuan of fixed assets investment in the whole society. Foxconn face recognition, chip design, 8K TV, Sanyi Intelligent Manufacturing Center, Huichuan Technology Headquarters Building, Liande Automation and Foxconn Commercial Robots, Micro Silicon Valley Innovation R&D Base, Future Display R&D Center and other major projects will help Longhua in a new generation of information technology and Internet, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, new materials and other fields to create tens of billions of emerging industrial clusters.

  At the same time, we will actively integrate the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan District and Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Corridor by optimizing the layout of innovative resources, inspiring the innovation of enterprises, promoting the integration of industry, education and research, and gathering multi-level innovative talents to maximize the accumulation of innovative resources.