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Longhua Industrial Parks Innovative Development Forum & Board-awarding Ritual of Enterprise Service Stations Achieve Complete Success

Source:Longhua District Release time:2018-11-16 [font:largemediumsmall ]

The board-awarding ritual of enterprise service stations attached to Longhua Industrial Parks is in progress.

  On the theme of “Promoting Innovation and Development”, the Innovative development Forum & Board-awarding Ritual of Enterprise Service Stations Concerning Longhua Industrial Parks was held on November 15 by the Economy Promotion Bureau of Longhua District, Shenzhen City. It is believed that seven new enterprise service stations will be added to the industrial parks in Longhua District this year. They are respectively located at Guanlan High-Tech Industrial Park, Jinxiongda Science and Technology Park, Wisdom Valley Innovation Park, Silicon Valley Compound, Yifenghua Innovation Industrial Park, We Serve Makerspace, and Hongxin Industrial Park.

  During the afternoon, the Longhua Economy Promotion Bureau official delivered an opening speech and awarded plaques for the seven enterprise service stations attached to industrial parks, followed by a lecture focusing on related policies on the industrial parks given by the enterprise service center. The reporters learned that the stations act as public venues established to boost the development of enterprises in the parks and to build a sound environment for the production and operation activities. The stations offer service to a variety of enterprises that has entered the parks. The services range from publicizing and implementing laws and regulations as well as policies to creating information exchanging platforms, monitoring the dynamic information about the enterprises and parks, meeting relevant demands of the enterprises, and conducting enterprise serving activities, and assisting government departments in carrying out related work. So far, there have been 11 enterprise service stations attached to industrial parks that are officially launched in Longhua District (See related links for details).

  The Longhua Economy Promotion Bureau organized later an exchange meeting themed “Improving the Soft Environment and Enhancing the Innovative development of Industrial Parks”concerning the Longhua Industrial Parks that was aimed at exploring approaches to and methods of motivating the innovative development of the parks. Qiu Weibiao, general manager of Gangzhilong Science Park, shared his experience on the operation of enterprise service stations at the meeting. Besides, Chen Lin, industrial services manager of Silicon Valley Power, talked about her experience on serving enterprises in industrial parks. In addition, Yang Ailin, Executive Dean of Shenzhen Research Institute of Sun Yat-sen University, charted the course for the future growth of industrial parks from several aspects including strategic positioning, service goals and investment attraction.

  The enterprise service stations attached to industrial parks serve as an important bridge between the government and enterprises, which not only facilitate the enterprises in the parks to enjoy convenient service but also promote the innovation of the parks management and at the same time improve its service efficiency and overall image, according to the official’s address. The Longhua District will further advance the model of enterprise service stations attached to industrial parks and widen the stations coverage step by step, striving to build the stations into a well-qualified service entity with high quality and high efficiency so that the enterprise service could touch the grass roots and the general public and offer more timely and convenient service of better quality to them.

  Attaching great importance to the construction and development of the industrial parks, the Longhua District, apart from setting up enterprise service stations, brought 25 key parks into line with the official-responsible service enterprises and the key specialized industrial projects, with the focus on the parks making progress in upgrading and rebuilding as well as attracting excellent resources, which help resolve concrete problems for the enterprises and parks. The Longhua District will continue to give stronger backup to the parks, including policy support, financial support, service support and so on, specifically: firstly accelerate the progress of the initial five projects centering on “One Street with One Park” and launch the following 19 projects to help with the transformation and upgrading of more industrial parks; secondly bring online policy query system and enterprises demands allocating system, the former realizing intelligent query of business-benefiting policies and targeted push of notifications, the latter achieving complete track of the whole course and urging all levels of government and units to respond to and deal with the demands as soon as possible; thirdly introduce policies of special funds for the Longhua industrial parks and more supportive policies which is more targeted and all-sided; fourthly conduct industrial parks promotion program, which encourages competitive enterprises to integrate, transform and improve the scattered industrial parks of low efficiency with unified operation and management in seeking investment.