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Longhua District Signs Key Projects & Innovation and Entrepreneurship Teams

Source:Longhua District Release time:2018-11-19 [font:largemediumsmall ]

District leaders Zhang Nasha, Ren Yanhui, Li Youhua, and Chen Jianmin attend the signing ceremony of term sheet of cooperation.

  The 2018 China Artificial Intelligence Conference was held in the morning of November 16. Those who attended the meeting include District Standing Committee Member and Deputy District Head Zhang Nasha, District Standing Committee Member and District Government Party Member Ren Yanhui and other district leaders Li Youhua and Chen Jianmin. In the conference the Longhua District singed cooperation agreement respectively with universities, industry teams and industry associations, indicating that it is determined to boost the research and development of innovative cutting-edge technology to build a layout of all parties heading for the frontiers of science and technology.

  In the conference, the district people's government and the district science and technology innovation bureau signed a batch of key projects and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Teams. The district people's government signed with Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) and Shenzhen University respectively framework cooperation agreements on co-building of Shenzhen Quantum Science and Engineering Institute and of Shenzhen Computing Science Institute. The district science and technology innovation bureau signed a framework cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Industry Association, and a landing project agreement with overseas precision manufacturing teams and the team to research, develop and industrialize innovative technology of AI-based medical imaging diagnosis (See details of the project via related links). It is believed that the projects above improve the original basic research capacity and establish a sound sci-tech innovation system with further integration of industry, university and research, shoring up the weak spots of Longhua District initial innovation ability and giving impetus to the district science and technology research, incubation of sci-tech enterprises and transformation of scientific research achievements, introduction and training of talents, and enterprises enabling.

  Zhang Nasha pointed out the fact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a new hot spot of international academic field as well as a new focus of international cooperation programs, and will bring about new opportunities to the industry cooperation. In the future, the Longhua District will prioritize four pillar industries including industry of artificial intelligence, the new generation of information technology, life & health, and cultural creativity. With regard to AI, the focus will be put on the application of such industrial fields as intelligent robot, intelligent terminal and intelligent equipment. Backed by world-leading smart terminal manufacturing cluster, the Longhua District AI industry will enter the high-end part of the global value chain.

  The Intellectual Property Protection Workstation of Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Industry Association held a foundation ceremony on the site that very day. It is known that the workstation consists of Patent Service Center, Legal Consultancy Centre, Guidance and Rights-safeguarding Centre, and IT Incubation Platform, which are devoted to enhancing people’s awareness of protection of the intellectual property in the AI field, strengthening creation and application of intellectual property, and supporting the AI industry construction.